Hankook PS Business Area

Injection Molding Production

Hankook PS is a professional OEM/ODM packaging manufacturer specializing in custom injection molding. Hankook PS has been a leader in the industry for the last 30 years. Our molding department is our company’s main central backbone, capable of molding parts with extremely tight tolerances and dimensional requirements. Our experienced specialists are putting their best efforts and skills to achieve the perfect products. 

We run most all the thermoplastics materials such as ABS, acetal polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, PET, PBT and etc. We operate and maintain some the best plastic injection mold machines along with manpower in the industry to pursue the best quality products.

Surface Treatments

A particular surface treatment constitutes a means of communication for a product, the final touch which confirms the product’s originality and its true quality appealing to customers and users. 

It provides a variety of solutions in terms of colours and aesthetics on injection-moulded elements in PE, PP, loaded PP, ABS, PCTG, PETG, PCTA and PMMA. Different techniques such as UV plating, lacquering, vacuum evaporation coating and varnishing including “soft touch” enable the various effects and aspects desired to be obtained.

Printing & Assembling

Our printing department provides top quality printing services in the market. Printings include silk printing, offset printing, electro printing embossing and hot stamping along with color solutions to meet your needs.

We conduct inspections of your plastic components using various digital, mechanical and by human hands. We will check your parts for quality, assemble and package your products according to your requirements so when we deliver your products you will get with full satisfaction.

Product Development and design

Our design and product development team is to give full supports in early stage of your project. We involve in conceptual and designing stages in development of your required products. Our prototyping comes in this stage to assist you with appropriate method for each project and for your special needs.

Tooling design and manufacturing

Tooling is one of the most important and essential elements in manufacturing plastic packaging. How many cavities does the mold need to have to meet production demands? What size will be the runners? which materials you need to use? how large will the machine need to be to run the parts? etc. 

Our tooling department will give appropriate solutions for such questions and we will manufacture precision tooling to meet your needs.